TILUS [tee-loo-hz] is a form created by Kelvin S.M. in October 2013. It falls under the category of micro poetry. The form is divided into two parts: the first part is composed of two lines following a six-three (6-3) syllable count; the second part, a one (1) syllable word to close and/or complete the subject layered in the first part. The whole piece must contain ten (10) in overall syllable count.

The main focus of Tilus is on the world of Nature and People---how it can open a new door to a wider understanding of life and beyond. The form aims to be epic in emotions expressed, more importantly, than to be epic in words.

The name Tilus is derived from the reversed spell of the creator's middle name, "Sulit", which is also used in Philippines as an expression to mean something precise, practical, worthy, etc. In some countries, the term Tilus may refer to "a piece of land."